Wealth Consciousness


Did you know that money is included in Wealth but Wealth is not limited to money? Did you know there are people out there who believe there is a limit to how much money they can make? Did you know that the amount of money you currently earn is directly related to the very first impression money made on you when they were a child? You can change your limiting beliefs around money or anything that may be limiting you simply by learning how. Our IntraAwareness Wealth Mentoring System is the first of it’s kind that can accurately discover where you are at, how you got there, where you ultimately want to be and most importantly, how to get there.


There are four levels to our Wealth Mentoring Training System:

Level 1: ASSESS | WEALTH ASSESSMENT - A Wealth Assessment is a method used to discover precisely what stands between you and your Financial Freedom.

Level 2: LEARN | FINANCIAL LITERACY - Now that we know where you are at, you must learn the fundamental financial building blocks for you to build a solid Financial Foundation from now on.

Level 3: ACTION | FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE - Now that you’ve learned the fundamentals of how to elevate your personal Wealth Consciousness, it’s time to put your knowledge into real-world practical application.

Level 4: ACHIEVE | FINANCIAL FREEDOM - Now that you have increased your financial I.Q. to this level, it’s time to generate an excess of passive income that is greater than the sum of your total bills.

We will help you break through any limiting beliefs that are holding you
back and transform them into positive resources that propel you forward.

Start increasing your Wealth Consciousness today:

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