What People Are Saying

Jeremiah’s Coaching isn’t something that can be explained, it has to be experienced. In just a few sessions he was able to help me make sense of past experiences and feelings in a very simple and enlightening way. He was able to bring a great sense of clarity and peace to things I’d been struggling with for years. Working with Jeremiah has been the difference between knowing what I want to happen and being shown how to make it happen.

Andrea V

"If you or someone in your life feels that they have run into a personal road block, then you have come to the right place. Jeremiah is an absolutely amazing person who is connected to the one truth for all mankind, he is a conduit to our great Divine. While working with Jeremiah he was able to help me bridge a permanent connection to my own personal divine and this experience has created a feeling of closeness to God that I have never felt before. I can honestly say that this was the most powerful and fulfilling spiritual experience of my life. Working with him through guided sessions has allowed me to lift my consciousness and inner spirit to a higher level and he has helped me to overcome emotional trauma and repair broken relationships. Together we have been able to identify and rework much of the bad programming that had corrupt my every day beliefs and behaviors and upgrade them with healthier, more productive, and insightful perceptions. I feel that I have made leaps and bounds in the course of our sessions together. In terms of the return on my time invested with Jeremiah I know that I am already a lifetime ahead of what any other therapy or counseling has ever offered me in the past. With Jeremiah’s help I was able to acquire the tools and resources that I needed to overcome adversities and start living and loving life to its fullest potential. I feel now that I am on my path and working everyday towards a greater purpose. I cannot express enough my gratitude to him for all that he has helped me through and accomplish."

John Convery
  • Jeremiah exhibits expertise, knowledge, awareness and insight well beyond his years. I feel very privileged to be connected to him. Anytime I need help or guidance, he is only a phone call or email away. He is called by many as a very special spiritual adviser and teacher. He continues to help me tremendously on my Spiritual path. Both my husband and I are very proud to call Jeremiah a special friend, mentor and spiritual guide on our journey.

    Linda Schmelter
  • Jeremiah is the whole package. I don’t need to go to a personal trainer, physical therapist, nutritionist, yoga instructor, meditation teacher, etc. He does it all. Jeremiah intuitively knows what I need on any given day. To sum up my experience with Jeremiah, my mind is quieter, my body is physically fit and I am spiritually connected.

    Jill Schneider
  • The first time I met Jeremiah, I could sense there was “something” special about him. I didn’t know what it was, but I now realize my life has forever changed in ways I never thought was possible. My mental roadblocks have dissolved and my weight came off. In addition to me being in the best physical shape of my entire life, Jeremiah had helped me feel happier, more confident and feel whole.

    Debi Dubias
  • It must have been good luck that Jeremiah came into my life. He has a great combination of fitness expertise, physical therapist, nutritionist and life coach. He challenged me to try new things and to have the patience to achieve them. I have done things I wouldn’t have thought possible. I feel fit, strong and have great balance. He has given me the confidence to believe that with time, nothing is beyond my reach.

    Ede Rice
  • Jeremiah is in tune with his physical body, which has a significant impact on his spiritual path. He taught me that balance, in all areas of life is very important. Since working with Jeremiah, I have lost 22 pounds in a very short period of time! He helps me to stay more balanced in my spiritual life and to live more and more in the “present moment” as the “witness”.

    Chuck Reynolds

"Before working with Jeremiah, I found myself struggling to answer questions of “what next” as I worked to integrate my roles as woman, mother, wife, and daughter. I had fallen away from my own meditation practice and was longing for that ease of spirituality that had long been a part of my life, as well as feeling more deeply connected.

The sessions I’ve shared with Jeremiah have included aspects of health consciousness, NLP, oneness, meditation and general spiritual or life ‘coaching’. I have been able to revitalize my personal meditation practice and regularly seek the guidance of ‘my Divine’ and the benefits that come along with a deeper connection to self. I have utilized techniques of NLP to decode and change unwanted negative emotions, which were holding me back in certain areas of life. I’ve also been learning to give myself permission to step away from certain roles and capacities that no longer serve me.

The ease and convenience of Skype sessions with Jeremiah cannot be stressed enough as a mother to two very small children and very little time to myself. I always feel like Jeremiah is able to maximize our time and I observe results very quickly when I’m able to “do the work”. I would recommend his skills and expertise to anyone who feels they have room to grow. I am continuing our work with a focus toward the ability to live “in the flow” on a permanent basis."

Mindy Schlechter