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Develop a Personal Relationship with Your Higher-Self

About Us
We are a small group of spiritual teachers highly trained in ancient esoteric spiritual technologies to support you in exploring awareness of self while creating space for emotional healing. Explore each of our services below and choose which best serves your personal needs.

The Oneness Phenomenon combines ancient & modern spiritual technology causing spiritual awakening.


The next generation of Neuro Linguistic Psychology integrating the conscious mind, unconscious mind & higher consciousness.

Massage Healing

The combination of energy healing with manual manipulation of soft body tissues to enhance a person’s spiritual health and well-being.


An ancient Hawaiian practice used to set right every relationship through healing, releasing and reconnecting.


Reiki balances the energy systems of the body by removing blockages and cleansing energy channels.

Spiritual Coaching

Personalized guidance to focus on what is immediately important to you. No problem or concern is too large or small for us.

Time Line Therapy

Connect any unconscious undiscovered parts rooted in the past including; childhood, in the womb, past lives, karmically and ancestrally.

Home Energy Clearing

The feeling in your home is based on the energy that is in it. We specialize in balancing and clearing the energy in buildings.

Sacred Chambers

Participation in the 4-hour Sacred Chambers group meditation process is beyond the mind and completely experiential. Offered free of charge.

What is Your Higher-Self?

Consciousness can be described in many ways. It can be described as awareness. It can be described as supreme intelligence and it can also be described as the space in-between your thoughts. Ultimately, everything is made up of consciousness, even you. Because of hurt and fear, we can feel separated from our highest, most resourceful selves. To help you get a better understanding, we describe the self in three different parts: Higher-Self, Present-Self and Lower-Self. The Present-Self is the one who is reading this sentence right now. The Higher-Self can be known as God, Christ, Mary, a Deity, Nature, Animals, the Great White Buffalo, the Universe or whichever form you would like the Divine Presence to relate to you. The Lower-Self is all of the parts of you that feel disconnected, separate, lonely, left out, abandoned, under nurtured, hurt or afraid.
Team Members
We each possess unique talents with diverse perspectives.
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Shiatsu
  • Reiki

Therapeutic Massage

Jeremiah Rangel

Jeremiah Rangel has an extensive background in the healing arts. Growing up in St. Paul, Minnesota Jeremiah apprenticed under Roger Erickson of Positive Health Company as an Athletic Trainer and Nutrition Coach. He took his healing abilities to the next level while studying NLP & Hypnotherapy at the Meta Institute at the age of 24. Through traveling to India several times over the course of 10 years, he was initiated by Oneness Monks to become an Awakened Oneness Trainer. Today Jeremiah seamlessly utilizes all of his resources to deliver a fully integrated personal coaching practice.

  • Certified NLP Trainer™
  • Certified Hypnosis Trainer™
  • IntraAwareness Life Coach™
  • Certified Master Hypnotherapist
  • Certified Master Practitioner of NLP
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer™
  • ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist™
  • Awakened Oneness Trainer™
  • Sacred Chambers Facilitator™
  • Oneness Blessing Giver®
“You can break through any limiting beliefs that are holding you back and transform them into positive resources that propel you forward!”

Craniosacral Therapy

Amanda Rangel

Amanda works with those who want to experience something more in life and are ready to take action. When you spend time co-creating with Amanda an energetic field is created and your higher consciousness flows through sending messages about your divine path. By offering expert guidance through angel channeling and proven coaching techniques, Amanda will provide the support and guidance to help you grow and merge into your higher version of yourself. Amanda is a Certified Personal Trainer, Relationship Coach and Spiritual Guide with a background in finance and real estate from the University of St. Thomas. Her combination of training and spiritual gifts are an unique blend that will help you physically, mentally and spiritually. From daily struggles and lack of clarity to decisions about major life events, Amanda will guide you within yourself to discover answers that will positively impact your everyday life in clear and practical ways.

  • Certified OnenessNLP™ Practitioner
  • Relationship Coach
  • Spiritual Guide
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer™
  • Awakened Oneness Trainer™
  • Oneness Blessing Giver®
  • CoFounder at IntraAwareness
  • University of St. Thomas Graduate
“Witnessing clients awakening, expanding & growing in consciousness brings me the greatest joy. It's like watching Heaven come alive here on Earth.”
Craniosacral Therapy


Ian Somerville

Ian has studied and practiced for many years developing his own spiritual growth, as well as naturally being called to help others on their own path. His purpose in this life is to help guide humanity to grow and face the challenges that arise when taking the journey to expand spiritually. Ian has studied around the world, including India, Spain and across the United States, to bring several forms of spiritual processes, healings and practices back to the Twin Cities and worldwide via online sessions. Ian’s focus on energy healing includes being a Reiki teacher and has expanded into channeling Guides and Angels directly for deep, soul level healing, releasing, transformation and guidance.

  • Spiritual Coach
  • Sacred Homa Fire Facilitator
  • Advanced Energywork Teacher
  • Shiatsu Massage Therapist
  • Awakened Oneness Trainer™
  • Oneness Blessing Giver®
  • Certified OnenessNLP™ Practitioner
  • Craniosacral Therapist

“I love seeing the transformation when I help a client connect with their Higher Self. It’s always very rewarding.”


Leah Somerville

Leah is a deeply intuitive healer, channel, spiritual coach and nationally board certified massage therapist. She has studied in India, Peru and throughout the US in order to bring many specialized techniques to her clients in the Twin Cities and online worldwide. Leah specializes in energy and shamanic healing as well as well as guided journeying, animal and past life readings. She also is also has a unique ability to connect people with their spirit guides and ancestors. Leah holds a strong divine space of love and acceptance while assisting individuals in discovering their life purpose.

  • Shamanic Healer, Channel & Teacher
  • Advanced Energywork Teacher
  • Animal totem and past life channel
  • Nationally Certified Massage Therapist
  • Craniosacral Therapist
  • Awakened Oneness Trainer™
  • Oneness Blessing Giver®
  • Spiritual Coach
  • Sacred Homa Fire Facilitator
  • Prenatal Therapist
“I love those “Aha” moments when a client receives clarity and insight, and suddenly things make sense in a new and more connected way.”


Our one-on-one coaching is a unique opportunity to turn an ordinary life into an extraordinary life. Clients work with us for one of three reasons:

  • Healing: The first step on the path to growth and spiritual enlightenment is healing things that need attention. This can include relationships, love, the awakening process, finding your voice, shedding things that no longer serve you and healing karmic and ancestral hurts that find patterns in family members.
  • Clarity: Receive clarity on decisions in everyday life regarding relationships, jobs, purpose and direction we will co-create a clear action plan to get from where you are to where you want to be in any area of life.
  • Peak Performance Life: When you are happy with where you are but are inspired and motivated by growth financially, physically, mentally and spiritually you are heading towards the Mastery of all four IntraAwareness Pillars and on your path to Enlightenment. We call this having a Peak Performance Life.

The possibilities are limitless when you team up with us. We will guide you deep within yourself with the intention of creating a conscious connection with your Higher Self. With guidance, this connection becomes available to you whenever you choose to call on it and you will naturally expand to positively influence those around you. All of the resources you need are within you, through Spiritual Coaching we are willing to go as deep as you desire, connecting all unconnected parts and bringing you to a state of Oneness.

Sacred Clearing and Cleaning

Energy is stored in physical spaces and material items. There are many reasons why a space may need to be cleared including misguided energies or entities, stagnant energy from arguments, violence, drug use, depression or addictions from current or previous owners of a home or building. We have experience with all degrees of light and dark energy, portals and vortexes. When simply smudging with sage is not working, that is when we step in to transmute the situation.

We use Spiritual Technology to clear a particular space that includes, but is not limited to, the use of sacred herbs, ancient/sacred mantras, sound/vibrational disruption techniques, and advanced energetic techniques. Will also provide guidance and understanding/insight into what we will be doing and why we are doing it as well as any insights that we come across during the clearing.

Sacred Clearing and Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Oneness?
Oneness itself is a consciousness that can be experienced internally when every part of you is connected and accepted. Every human being has hundreds if not thousands of personalities within them. The container of these personalities is called an ego, also know as the psychological self. One of the most important personalities is known as the spiritual seeker. The spiritual seeker arises or awakens when the individual reaches their pain threshold and it becomes activated to pursue the end of their personal suffering. Before a person reaches the internal state of oneness, they must be ready and willing to completely detach from their spiritual seeker personality that started their spiritual journey. To find out where you are at on your spiritual journey, we offer a Spiritual Assessment for us to quickly identify what you need to elevate to your next level of consciousness.
Where are your classes and events located?
Classes and weekend workshops occur in various locations around the Twin Cities. We also travel for special engagements worldwide. Make sure to check out each event on Eventbrite to confirm the location for each specific event. If you have a community interested in one of our workshops contact us directly and we will travel to you.
How do I setup my first one-on-one coaching session?
Please use the Contact Us form at the bottom of the web page. If you know who you’d like to work with, let us know. Otherwise we will do an over-the-phone assessment with you and pair you with the most ideal coach for your goals.
Reiki Client
— Donna Stelter
I was drawn to work with Ian for spiritual growth and energy work. Being a busy, working mom with two teenagers, I often disregarded my own self care, not feeling important enough to take the time for me. I remember one of my first sessions with Ian, he worked a great deal on my abdominal area. Over the next few weeks I could feel the shift within my conscious mind, how I was making better, mindfulness choices about how I thought about myself, and the choices of what I put into my body. Often times when I was in "crisis" Ian, without hesitation, would fit me into his schedule. He always made feel like my "issues" were worth caring for. Ian's sessions are always very personal and individualized, not a routine but a true caring for the soul.
Massage Review
— Andrea V
Jeremiah’s Coaching isn’t something that can be explained, it has to be experienced. In just a few sessions he was able to help me make sense of past experiences and feelings in a very simple and enlightening way. He was able to bring a great sense of clarity and peace to things I’d been struggling with for years. Working with Jeremiah has been the difference between knowing what I want to happen and being shown how to make it happen.
Massage Testimonial
— Christine Paul
I felt drawn to work with Amanda for assistance in transitioning into contracted or self-employment. I’m aware my fear, doubts and scattered energy hold me back and I needed some guidance. I found it fascinating and intriguing how seamlessly she was able to guide me into a space in which I was being guided with my unconscious mind where wisdom lies. I will forever carry in my whole being, the image and meaningful message I received in our latest session together. Her guidance and spirit are magical!
Massage Testimonial
— Linda Schmelter
Jeremiah exhibits expertise, knowledge, awareness and insight well beyond his years. I feel very privileged to be connected to him. Anytime I need help or guidance, he is only a phone call or email away. He is called by many as a very special spiritual adviser and teacher. He continues to help me tremendously on my Spiritual path. Both my husband and I are very proud to call Jeremiah a special friend, mentor and spiritual guide on our journey.
Massage Testimonial
— Katie Sweeney
I decided to work with Leah to help with my anxiety and mental health. I needed a treatment where I could relax and refocus. I think the most unique part of the process is the spiritual aspect, in the sense that Leah goes into the treatments wanting to help clients improve and knowing that her work really impacts their lives.I always feel like I can think more clearly and have a better attitude after our sessions. It centers me, which is incredibly beneficial and affects how I interact with people and problem solve. I’ve learned that it is so important to take care of myself, and meeting with Leah is one of the main ways I do that.
Reiki Review
— Brandilynn Kupsky
Through Ian I was introduced to the world of meditation and beyond. Before working with him, I knew there was "something more" I was searching for, but didn't know what it was or how to get there. Over the years, he has presented many spiritual tools and avenues I didn't know existed, and may not have found on my own. Since beginning my spiritual journey, though not the easiest one, discovering and living who I truly am has by far been the most rewarding.
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