The Oneness phenomenon

What is Oneness?

Oneness itself is a consciousness that can be experienced internally when every part of you is connected and accepted. Every human being has hundreds if not thousands of personalities within them. The container of these personalities is called an ego, also know as the psychological self. One of the most important personalities is known as the spiritual seeker. The spiritual seeker arises or awakens when the individual reaches their pain threshold and it becomes activated to pursue the end of their personal suffering. Before a person reaches the internal state of oneness, they must be ready and willing to completely detach from their spiritual seeker personality that started their spiritual journey. To find out where you are at on your spiritual journey, we offer a Spiritual Assessment for us to quickly identify what you need to elevate to your next level of consciousness.


There are four levels to our Spiritual Training System

SPIRITUAL ASSESSMENT - A Spiritual Assessment is a test method used to discover precisely what is in between you and total freedom.

SPIRITUAL SEEKER - A Spiritual Seeker is a person who is dabbling in spiritual growth but has not yet fully committed to fulfilling their life’s purpose.

SPIRITUAL WARRIOR - A Spiritual Warrior has discovered what their life’s purpose is and has decided that neither fear, hurt nor ignorance is a good enough reason for them not to pursue the completion of their destiny.

SPIRITUAL MASTER - A Spiritual Master is fully aware of their life’s purpose, is in full pursuit of their life’s purpose and every part of their being is connected to the source. They have completely made their life’s purpose their life’s work and is serving humanity.

Once we discover where you are consciously at, we can accurately teach and train you how to move up to the next levels of consciousness. This will give you a greater amount of self-awareness which results in more connection, internal peace and freedom within your life.

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