Consciousness Assessment

Are you ready to become connected from within?

Welcome to the IntraAwareness Free Online Consciousness Assessment. This brief assessment is a method we use to discover what is in between you and the permanent state of internal freedom. Based off your responses, we can accurately help you see some of the things you currently might not be able to see and teach you some of the things you presently might not know. With our Consciousness Training System, we have helped thousands of people release old hurt, discover their highest self, heal their relationships and find their purpose in life.

As you awaken and elevate your level of consciousness, the more you will flower as a human being.
These five questions are systematically designed for us to discover:

  • What is your heart’s deepest desire
  • If there is any part of you on any level that might feel dis-connected from the source
  • What we can do to free you from hurt and fear and deliver you to the permanent state of internal freedom
  • Once we have received the valuable information you provide, our highly conscious, unconditionally loving and experienced spiritual teachers will translate your information into a Personalized Success Strategy and will deliver it to you shortly after you press that blue SUBMIT button below. The plan we provide will be the fastest path to reaching the source within. You also have the option to contact us directly to schedule an In-Person Spiritual Assessment and receive the missing information as to what’s really going on inside and more importantly, what to do to connect it.

    What if this is exactly what you are looking for and in your heart you knew this can and will help you? Go ahead and submit your answers to the best of your ability.
    Thank you for your investing your time in elevating yourself.


Consciousness Assessment Questions