About Us

IntraAwareness: within or inside of awareness.

We believe that teaching individuals how to elevate their awareness in every area of life will result in greater happiness, health, wealth and personal success.  We believe that every human being has a limitless potential to learn and grow.  We understand that the lack of awareness is the only thing separating human beings from the infinite resources available to them. Our goal is to help people reach their full potential.

The IntraAwareness Training System is designed to help you gain access to all the limitless resources available to you in life. We do this by optimizing the Four Pillars of the human being that you already have available to you; Body, Mind, Consciousness and Wealth. You may be living in the body you want, but could use guidance in relationships, or maybe you have loving relationships in your life, but feel empty or without a purpose and know that there is something more you would like to contribute. From beginner to elite physical training to loving yourself and your relationships, we will guide you within yourself to help you realize where your true happiness lies. Once you know that, we can work together to create your own personal development plan, which will be your roadmap to fulfilling your highest, healthiest and happiest self.

Our continuing goal is to build a community of thriving, interconnected people, who find fulfillment in their journey inwards, being fully present in their lives. Please feel free to take advantage of the free educational videos on this site and we look forward to guiding you within when you are ready.


Our Vision

To create a world where every human being feels completely connected from within. We believe every human being has a limitless source of potential. Our vision is to teach people how to tap into that source to create happiness, health and wealth.

Our Mission

To assist our clients in reaching their full human potential in every area of life. Our clients consciously chose to fulfill their own destiny. They are driven to discover, develop and fulfill their life’s purpose. They ultimately make their life’s purpose their life’s work. We are here to help them complete their personal mission in life.

Our History

The IntraAwareness Training System has grown out of the needs of the community. It is an answer to the call for help. The world’s current functioning system is heavily built on competition. This current system gives a lot of people the impression they have to do it all on their own. We have successfully infused several valuable health and wellness modalities making it easily digestible to our clients. The good news is that we have reached a time where the resources available are in at an all time high. Although most of the ‘transformational work’ is not featured in mainstream media. People are waking up and looking for more, that thing that they can feel, but can’t quite grasp. Many people are waking up to see that just because things have always been a certain way, does not mean they need to stay that way. This is the place where we are taking action! We believe it is time to go from word of mouth testimonials and referrals to offering our proven techniques on a larger forum. Anyone who is ready for positive transformational change on any level will benefit from our system. We are not only living the change we want to see in this world, but we are also making it available to anyone who wants the same, but might not yet know where to start. Guiding you inwards to know where to start and giving you a personal development plan is our specialty. Our next step to achieving this mission is to open the IntraAwareness Training Center soon in Minneapolis, Minnesota.