Connect Your Consciousness | 6-Week Healing Series

October 3 2017, 6:30 PM - October 3 2017, 7:30 PM · GT Artistry Studio · IntraAwareness · Details


Connect your Consciousness while exploring deep healing on all levels. During this 6-week series you will learn about a new healing technique every session. Have your own unique experience of each modality guided by expert healers Ian & Leah Somerville. Each week will build upon the last allowing for continuously more powerful experiences and deeper healing, however drop in’s are welcome at any time throughout the series.


  • Experience a variety of healing techniques  in a sacred space guided by skillful healers who are continuously growing and expanding their own skill set. 

  • Have an expanded awareness of six (6) unique types of healing and how they can facilitate positive change within you.

  • Deepen your ability to heal and transform on all levels. 

*For this series you will be laying on the floor while journeying so please bring your own yoga mat, blankets, pillows to ensure your comfort during the process. 


Week 1 – October 3rd  | SOUND PERCUSSION HEALING: Part 1

with Leah & Ian Somerville

Explore how the percussive sounds of the sacred rattle and drum can recalibrate your physical and energetic body, allowing for healing on all levels. In this session participants will receive valuable knowledge and have their own unique experience of percussion healing provided by skilled healers. 

Week 2 – October 10th  | CRYSTAL HEALING

with Leah & Ian Somerville

Experience the magic of crystals and learn about how their special properties have the ability to heal us. In this session participants will receive knowledge about selecting and using crystals and will each receive a customized crystal healing. There will also be hand-selected crystals available for purchase at this event.

Week 3 – October 17th  | ENERGY HEALING

with Leah & Ian Somerville

This week experience balancing and connection as you relax and receive healing energies channeled by your class instructors. Participants will also learn about how this specialized and transformative energy works to bring about positive change to our non-physical bodies and our personal energy system.

Week 4 – October 24th | EMOTIONAL HEALING

with members of IntraAwareness Team

Explore how emotions and the thoughts in the mind are interconnected. In this session participants will learn how to change the pictures in their mind and experience how this has the ability to change the way they feel. Participants will have an experience with certified OnenessNLP™ practitioners in which they will be able to release an emotion that no longer serves their highest good.

Week 5 – October 31st | SPIRITUAL HEALING

with Leah & Ian Somerville

When it comes to spiritual healing there is a powerful phrase “feel it to heal it.” In this session participants will learn the technical way to apply this technique and will have an experience of what it looks and feels like as lead by Awakened Oneness Trainers Ian & Leah Somerville. Participants will also receive the Oneness Blessing, a divine transference of energy designed to give them an experience of “feeling and healing” something that they are ready to release.

*There will be a special Halloween treat provided for all those who attend this session.

Week 6 – November 7th  | SOUND HARMONIC HEALING: Part 2

with Leah & Ian Somerville

Learn about the fascinating origins of singing bowls and experience being bathed in the harmonic sounds and vibrations of them. In this session sacred space will be created for participants to enter deeper states of consciousness at which more profound healing can occur.


Ian and Leah Somerville

Ian is a Spiritual Teacher, Oneness Trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist. Ian has received his training throughout the world to combine eastern and western healing arts. Once you experience the sacred space he creates, it will activate the Divine Presence inside your heart.

Leah is a Spiritual Teacher, Shaman and a Nationally Licensed Massage Therapist. Leah has extensive Shamanic Training while traveling to Peru and is a Certified Awakened Oneness Trainer from the Oneness University in India. She has a special ability to channel her spiritual gifts and guides to help you on your path.


Refund Policy: All sales are final.
Dismissal Policy: Classes are sourced in the Highest Vibration for an open, safe and fun environment for all. We reserve the right to dismiss any participant not in environmental alignment, at the discretion of the instructor or IntraAwareness Team Member.